Tune in. Trip out.

PTA was born on TV. Half-hour, UHD formats that tell the stories about our world and Beyond. Lean back or lean in and interact. Remote control viewing as it was meant to be.

Grounded at 35,000 Feet

PTA InFlight can be found exclusively on Delta Air Lines Studio Worldwide. 14 Million Flyers have chosen a new type of travel channel.

Inspiring Missed Connections

Passengers throughout the U.S are finding PTA on screens at their gate. PTA InAirport entertains, informs and inspires an audience literally on the go.

Rooms Served

Lean back. Relax. PTA is now available as a 24/7/365 channel to thousands of hotel rooms nationwide. Check your channel listings.

A Powerful Alliance

A new kid in town needs a big brother. We’ve teamed up with Travel+Leisure to make audiences and brands happy with every type of media.

Experiences for Jet-A Internet

Experience our world in yours. thePTA.com is delivered to browsers across all devices powered by modern connections.